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In 2010 Blastbor will be 20 years of age








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The main activities performed by BLASTBOR Ltd. are:

-    Construction and reconstruction of pipelines and facilities for water, gas, pipe systems for water and reverse chemical aggressive environments;

-    Hydrotechnical building;10

-    Construction of a landfills for municipal solid waste, waste with low laying geomembranes, geotekstiles and drainage systems;

-    Construction and repair of hydraulic equipment with isolated PE and PP membrane;

-    Isolation of flat roofs of residential and industrial buildings with PE film;

-    Construction and reconstruction of roads, pavements and road facilities.


It is important for us our clients to receive:

-     Wide range of products for every application;

-     Full customer service and service;

-     Flawless team of specialists;

-     The most modern equipment;

-     First-class raw materials;

-     Top quality and control of technological process;

-     Short time of delivery;

-     Competitive prices.

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