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In 2010 Blastbor will be 20 years of age








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      The company Blastbor Ltd. built numerous pipelines, sewers, pipelines and chemical plants in Bulgaria, including:        5

      - Builds the first in Bulgaria an external water main made of PEHD, route Lenovo - Iskra.

      - Replacing all plumbing systems of some neighborhoods in the city of Sliven, trunk mains are fitted with size of 90, 110, 125, 140, 160, 200, 250 mm and are attached to them the necessary building variations. 
      - Implements project under partial construction of water supply and sanitation in the resort of Sunny Beach.

      - Building a central gas pipeline in the city of Plovdiv with a diameter of pipes 400mm. Involved in the construction of gas transmission network in Sevlievo.
      - Replace all drainson the repaired primarily Blvd “East” in Plovdiv
      - The company is working with KCM AD-Plovdiv, where chemical plants are made of PP pipes and plates, necessary for the production of the plant.

      - Construction and installation of waterproofing of water reservoirs in Dospat CC 500 m3. For this purpose is used PE-HD foil with thickness of 3 mm., as by assembling and soldering is used special technology used by highly skilled employees of Blastbor LTD.

     - Blastbor Ltd carries out a project of the Municipality of Plovdiv for the irrigation of green strips between lanes of boulevard in the city. In the construction of irrigation systems are laid pipes with embedded drip emitters.

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